Simplifying Dental Technology

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Dr. Flucke doing a Cerec Restoration on Dr. Jablow as seen in the N.Y. Times

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What IS Dental Technology Solutions? 


Taking complex dental technology and breaking it down to usable parts—that’s what Dental Technology Solutions will do for you.  You will have the opportunity to learn about specific technologies from experts that use the products daily.  And better yet, when you leave, you’ll be ready to put them to use in your practice!
what you will learn

The Following Topics May Be Covered and More:

    Office Computer Integration
Clinical Computer Usage and Moving Towards The Paperless Office

Computerized Patient Education

Digital Radiography: Sensors, Plates, Panorex, Cone Beam and More

Dental Imaging Made Simple & Inexpensive
Personal Digital Assistants: PalmPocket PC's & Smartphones
Internet Communication Getting the Most Out of Your Online Connection
Oral Cancer Detection
Digital Caries Diagnosis
One Visit Porcelain  Crowns, Inlays and Onlay Restorations
Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers :Cavity Preparation, perio and more.

Backing Up Your Data

High Tech Product Update: See what products are on their way to your office

and many more exciting topics