Dental Technology Solutions Host FAQ


What does it cost to host a DTS event?

    The cost to host a DTS event is $4000.00 (four thousand dollars) for all three presenter Drs. Flucke, Feuerstein and Jablow

How can DTS afford to bring three presenters  to my group for such a low cost?

    DTS already has a number of sponsors available that help to offset the cost of hosting  the  DTS event.

What does the $4000 cover?

     DTS  covers all transportation and lodging for the 3 presenters.

Are there any other costs from DTS?


What is the minimum number of dentists necessary to host a DTS event?

    The minimum number of dentists necessary for DTS to fulfill its obligations to the sponsors is 30 (thirty)

What does my group need to provide?

    A location, a 2000 lumen video/data projector and screen, house audio with wireless microphone. Tables for the sponsors.

    This can be modified depending on attendance and the room.

How many sponsors will be at the DTS event?

    Usually less then 12.

What about local sponsors who normally participate with our group?

     Local sponsorship is something we work out on an individual basis to prevent sponsorship conflicts.