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Digital Radiography

Imaging, Intraoral  and Cameras


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Digital Radiography

American Association Of Dental Radiographic Technicians  - Digital Intra-Oral Radiography '04 article

Schick (888)4-SCHICK One of the pioneers of digital radiography. This product is exclusively distributed by Patterson. Wired sensors ( 0,1,2 size) and wireless (1,2 size).

Kodak (formerly Trophy)  Another of the originals. Software includes  Logicon (digital caries finder). Was part of the Practiceworks team of products. In October of 2003 Practiceworks was purchased by Kodak corporation. The new RVG 6000 puts Kodak's technology into Trophy's years of experience.

Dexis-   The sensor has a unique shape- all corners are beveled. One size sensor.   Patients find it very comfortable.  Interface allows easy use with laptop for offices that are not yet networked. (888) 88-DEXIS. Distributed by Schein ( 6/05)

Progeny (was Cygnus) Has a wonderful multi-op solution and a very thin sensor. The new MPSe is competitive in this marketplace.

Dentrix has digital products to complement their popular Pracice Management Software. The ImageRAYi puts an excellent sensor in this product line.

Gendex    The new  VisualiX eHD sensors have a rounded corner design and new elctronis making them competitive in the marketplace. Adds to patient comfort.They can be combined with teh Denoptix Phosphor plates (below) for a total affordable digital soluton.Gendex is now part of the Kavo group.

Dent-X   EVA sensor- new design, low cost. CMOS, USB connector. Size 1 and 2- compact connector.

Sidexis ( Sirona). A high quality sensor and software. The larger sensor has rounded outer edges making it very comfortable. Note that Sirona is the dental spinoff of Siemens. This is the same company that brings you CEREC.

Suni   Paul Suni has come up with the thinnest sensor in the marketplace. The three sizes allow the office great flexiblity. Coupled with DR Suni software this system has gained great popularity. You will also find Suni sensors in other products.

Video Dental Concepts- Wired and Phosphor plate sensors- sales and service.They have the Quick Ray and one of the few wireless sensors, VRW,  in the marketplace.  The owner of this company, Claude Berthoin, has been a pioneer in imaging and digital radiography. They are constantly improving and inventing new products and applications. They are changing their name late 2003 to Digital Dental Solutions and carrying many more products.

Planmeca Has the Dixi 3 system. This integrates nicely into the Planmeca xray heads. The sensor is fully immersable

Sigma Biomedics has the Bio-Ray. It is a simple, lower cost solution for many practices. It uses a very thin sensor and bundles with apteryx imaging software

Lightyear has a unique all in one system. The thin sensor is connected to a tablet computer allowing poratbality and is ready to go rogith out of the box. The 5 year warantee is the longest availble.

Owandy is a French company with a line of sensors and xray equipment. The UPix sensor is wireless ( better explained as non-tethered) with regard to transmission to the computer- there is a short (15 Cm) cord that hangs from the sensor. The radiograph is taken and the sensor is then removed form the mouth and placed in a reader. There is not actual wireless tramsmission

Phosphor plate Systems

Air Techniques Scan-X is a phosphor plate system using a rapid "drop in" developer. It integrates with a number of software products that the office can choose from. Two models- one for intraoral only, and ond for larger Pan or ceph plates.

Kavo/Gendex Phosphor Plate Denoptix QST ( now 4x faster than origianl) sensors which are just like film- thin and flexible and inexpensive. Films are put in a carrier and then placed in  special laser scanner. Does Digital Pans and Cephs. A plate for Panoramic is available for under $1000. This converts the analog panoramic to a digital copoy of the same film. NOTE-this is not a digital pan- it is a method to take your existing radiograph and have a digital scan directly into the software.

Digora FMX A PSP system similar to above. A new chairside scanner ,Optime, will be introduced late 2004 or 2005.

Orex Paxorama- recently acquired by Kodak. Plates are put in a carrier and run through a low profile laser scanner.

GE Sordex - The new OpTime units are small and are designed to be placed in the treatment room. Films are put in as they are taken, one by one, and come out in about 4 seconds. The unit also erases the plates making them ready for use. Each unit is under $10,000 allowing multiple treament rooms to use them at a cost comparable to wired sensors.

Digital Panoramic

Listing in process 7/29/05

Radiograph Scanning    (Scan your existing radiographs and manipulate them digitally)

TigerView from Televere. #1 rated by CRA. Demo disk on request.This software suite also has imaging, ScanX software and insurance handling.

XV3 (Xray vision assistant) from apteryx. Very intuitive. Uses a program (Name Grabber) to easily integrate with your practice management database. Seveal sensors bundle with this product. It also has an interface with ScanX.

ScanRite Systems- Put your standard radiographs in their little scanner ( looks like a slide sorter) and they are converted to digital images. Comes with nice software.


Electronic Claims Submission of digital radiographs. NEA is constantly  increasing its base of insurance companies. Send them your images. They send you an image number, which you reference on your claim form. Insurance company accesses the image from them. (You need an internet connection or they will supply you with one).No more lost radiographs, pictures or documents.

TigerView Xpress can be used for attaching images and radiographs to electronic claims. Method is similar to above.