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Dentistry Online

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Dentistry Online

Updated September 16, 2008

Internet Dental Forum- the best way to keep up with dentistry. This is a newsgroup where dental professionals around the world share techniques, problems, dental issues and more. If you can send email, you can do this. (Note- you will get as many as 50 messages a day). Founded by David Dodell, DMD, The Dental Internet Guru. Free trial membership. Small annual membership fee. Correspond, compare notes, learn and commiserate with your peers.

DentalTown Go online with 40,000 or so dental professionals an share ideas on all aspects of dentistry and life.. This is not email based- it is an online forum. Information from the dental professionals in the trenches.

RxRoots- Endodontic E-mail discussion groups that allow members to share ideas, procedures, new products and problems
 with others around the world. http://www.rxroots.com

ACEsthetics-  is a community of dedicated dental professionals who strive to provide excellent patient care and who, through education, camaraderie, sharing of information & mentoring both in person & online, help each other succeed in the business of dentistry and life.

Dr. Bicuspid- Dental information you can sink your teeth into.

Amy RDH- AmyRDH.com is a comprehensive resource for RDH professionals, students, and dental patients.

PinkTooth- A resource to connect and serve all woman in dentistry


Other Web Sites

U.S.Air Force Dental Evaluation and Consultation Service - Unbiased dental product reports

Dentalcare.com- dental portal from Procter and Gamble. MUST VIEW

Dental Flash - Free case design software

Laser Eye Protection- Innovative Optics provides protective laser eyewear clips for loupes etc.

Dental Benefit Terminology - Common terms and phrases related to dental benefits

Dental E-Mail Lists - A listing of various dental email list that you can subscribe

Dental Resources - A listing of various topics related to dentistry

Dentalcompare -  Web site that compares and reviews dental products

American Dental Association

Renaissance Systems- electronic claims and billing software

Net32-supply purchasing web site

NEA Fast Attach-transmit radiographs, perio charting etc. to insurance companies

Lighthouse PLZ-online scheduling and reminders

Uappoint- online scheduling and reminders

Demand Force- online scheduling and reminders

Smile Reminder- online scheduling and reminders

Elexity- online scheduling and reminders

DT Communicate- send  mass email


Blogs & Podcasts

DentechBlog - Marty Jablow's dental technology blog

John Flucke Blog- Travels of the technology editor of Dental Practice Reports

The Digital Dentist - Lorne Lavine's great technology blog

Dental Blogs- a listing of dental blogs

Dentalcast.net - podcasts for your dental practice

ADA Podcasts - podcasts on various topics


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Dental Technology Blog